Illusions is a specialist Asian DJ Road show focusing on Bhangra DJ music and Bollywood wedding music. We provide Indian wedding djs, asian wedding djs, punjabi and hindi speaking djs and services such as dj lighting, plasma screens and projector screens for your wedding.

Indian Wedding DJs and Asian DJ Roadshow for weddings and parties.
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Confetti & Special Effects

LED Dancefloor

We use a range of LED dance floors available in various sizes. These are very eye catching and look great in photos/videos.

Confetti - Guaranteed to make the crowd go whoa!

Illusions offers coloured and glitter (shiny foil) confetti options which consist of a short blast with a shower of confetti. Confetti can be used for entrances, cake cuttings and first dances. You also have the option to customise colours with your colour theme.


Indoor fireworks are operated by one of our special effects technicians and consist of a shower of sparks (fountain effect) for a duration of 10 seconds. Fireworks can be used for entrances and first dances.

Name in Lights

Why not have your initials, name or logo projected in our lighting effects. This is a very unique effect allowing projection to be manoeuvred around walls and ceilings across the venue in a mixture of colours.

This is non-expensive way to add uniqueness to your event.

Bubble Effect

Powerful bubble machines project a shower of bubbles onto the dance floor. This is ideal for a first dance. Any liquid used is perfectly safe and non slip.

Low Fog (Dry Ice)

Low fog is a low lying smoke effect which produces large amounts of smoke that stays on the ground below the knees. The fog will disappear before it rises so it will not completely fill the room with smoke but produce a standing in the clouds effect.

This is an excellent effect and can be used during a first dance or throughout your event at any particular time.